The QEC book launch: autobiography receives stellar reviews
The QEC book launch: autobiography receives stellar reviews
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Dr Melanie Salmon publishes her autobiography, ‘There Has to be Another Way’ – a doctor’s healing journey begin where medicine ends. An inspiring true story about the birth of QEC – “There is hope. At last you can find out who you really are and you can walk free.”

We’ve loved working with QEC, founded by Dr Melanie Salmon, across the brand’s PR, marketing and positioning and we were delighted for the launch of Dr Salmon’s book – a page turner and a must-read book for anyone suffering from any form of trauma, or those simply wanting to live a fuller life, free from the confines of our conditioning and limiting belief systems.

We were delighted to host the book launch Q&A on the day, a hugely successful evening event with international guests designed that drove significant interest to the book.

There Has to Be Another Way

This is the beautiful story of how a doctor, suffering from her own trauma, developed a profound healing tool for herself and her patients. The underlying cause of many of the physical and emotional problems in the world today is unrecognised and unhealed trauma.

Available for sale from most online bookstores worldwide including, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Inc., Book Depository and Kobo.

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