Epigenetics and Gestalt: thought leadership in Medium
Epigenetics and Gestalt: thought leadership in Medium
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Dr Melanie Salmon, founder of QEC, published her first article in Medium, Improve Your Relationships by (Really) Listening – three top tips from a Gestalt Psychotherapist after contributing articles to several publications, including The World of Health and CPTSD Foundation.

“My gut feeling is that the cause of many relationship breakdowns is that we don’t know how to communicate with one another. We’ve never really been taught. And so connection is poor, communication is shaky — if it’s there at all — and people get lost in their own worlds.”

We explored Medium as a platform where Melanie could contribute think pieces, as it has built a name for itself as an independent thinker and host of quality content. Perfect for those who want to share their thoughts on topics ranging from mainstream to pioneering. 

Read more in Medium.

With other titles including Trauma and the Physical Body (originally published in The World of Health), Repeating the Patter of Dysfunctional Relationships (originally published in The World of Health) and External vs. Interpersonal (originally published in Trauma and the Brain) read more thought leadership pieces from Dr Salmon here.

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