Organic social media growth: 1130% increase
Organic social media growth: 1130% increase
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Specialist international tech recruitment business, 3Cubed, recently hit the 12.3k follower mark on LinkedIn.

We’re delighted to see the brand’s ongoing growth across their social channels. 

Together we’ve achieved a 1130% increase in follower numbers that continue to climb.

The Strategy

Develop an engaged, returning follower base, sharing relevant news, achievements and innovations across the tech space.

We opted to forgo paid advertising on the platform, preferring to organically build our follower numbers up. 

Having worked with 3Cubed for some time now, we have had the opportunity to design and rollout several campaigns across the platform, in complement to marketing campaigns off-platform, all of which have attracted, engaged and retained new followers.

We’re looking forward to continue our work with 3Cubed and see what the next months bring.

See 3Cubed’s LinkedIn page here.

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