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If you’ve chosen to go the inbound – otherwise known as organic – marketing route you may have already realised that it pays to think outside the box.

To be seen and heard by the right people for your brand, you must:

☝️ Identify your key audiences

☝️ Get inside their heads

☝️ Understand where and how they consume content

☝️ Adapt tone, message and content to suit

That all sounds quite straightforward no?! Easy! Well with a myriad of social platforms, content formats, media outlets, communication tools, personalities, locations, times, (you get the idea) to choose from, it can be tricky.

Our consumption of content is varied and vast. It helps to know where to look and to have an instinct of what will suit. This will come from experience, knowledge and familiarity of the market, and research.

If you get it right, jackpot! You’ll build an authentic, returning audience who truly likes what you do. They’ll visit you because they want to, not because a platform has pushed your content to the top of the page…content that could be ignored if they aren’t receptive to what you’re advertising on that particular day at that particular time.

Trust is key. And to build trust you must offer something they want, without always pushing a sale off the back of it.

There are many ‘out of the box’ ways to approach marketing; platforms you can use, techniques and styles you can adopt.

So, how do you decide which ones are best for you and your business?…It all depends on who your target demographics are.

Are you ready to identify, understand and reach your target audience? Get in touch.

…Sometimes the conventional way isn’t always the best way.

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