The Low Tox Life Podcast.

Dr Melanie Salmon, founder of QEC, joined Low Tox Life podcast host, Alexx Stuart, for a discussion on trauma and its effects, healing trauma and the work of QEC. An intelligent and thought-provoking discussion: ‘Healing Trauma with QEC.’

With past guests including Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Natasha Beck, Dr Shamini Jain and Doug Purdie, the Low Tox Life podcast offers food for thought and a fresh perspective, listen here.

When we started working with the brand, expanding Dr Salmon’s media presence. We achieved this through a mix of podcast bookings, contributing articles in relevant online publications and social media strategy. This led to a significant increase in leads and course bookings

“I am always fascinated by any techniques that support people on their healing journeys, and coming across Dr Melanie Salmon’s work makes me feel lucky to be able to then share that with you on the show” – Alexx Stuart

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