Earned media: shaping a thought leader
Earned media: shaping a thought leader
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Contributing Articles: QEC

Medical doctor, Gestalt psychotherapist, TRE trainer, trauma specialist, author and founder of QEC, Dr Melanie Salmon has committed her life to the exploration and practice of healing.

Melanie first published two thought-provoking pieces in The World of Health, Trauma and the Physical Body; and Repeating the Pattern of Dysfunctional Relationships, before becoming a contributing writer for CPTSD Foundation: Compassion Fatigue and Self Care for Practitioners; and Improve Your Relationships by (Really) Listening.

We then explored Medium as a platform where Melanie could share her expertise and experience on various topics, including epigenetics, stress, trauma, the subconscious mind, Gestalt psychotherapy and neuroscience.

3Cubed in The Fintech Times

“As a direct result of working from home, jobseekers are being offered roles overseas under the proviso they can work remotely. In turn, this means that recruiters can seek preferred candidates regardless of location.”

3Cubed are a valued client of ours, we’ve worked with the specialist tech recruiter for several years now. When lockdown hit, the recruitment industry transitioned and we decided that 3Cubed directors, Harriet and Helen, were perfectly placed to discuss some of those changes. 

We shaped the article with 3Cubed and pitched the think piece to The Fintech Times. We were very happy with the result.

“One specialised recruiter seeing the benefit of remote working is 3Cubed, which has been looking after clients and candidates in the fintech space for more than four years. Helen Brown and Harriet Grant, co-founders of the augmented, immersive and data-driven technology recruitment company have seen great opportunity stem from remote working in the AI and machine learning categories.”

Read ‘Lockdown Opens the Doors To Recruitment Opportunities in Fintech’ a commentary piece we secured for / co-wrote with 3Cubed in the fintech publication.

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