Master the art of organic marketing: five things you should know
Utilise the element of surprise: differentiate your brand
Brand Strategy
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Example #1: Awareness Events
So, what are the benefits?

And, (this works for lesser-known and world-leading awareness events alike) you may also find that mixing up your campaign’s message catches the eye too.

Last year, we embarked on a huge client campaign for an International Women’s Day event (to great success). In the lead-up to the event, we wanted to add something a little different to our campaign, to break up the repetition of our message.

We turned the tables and asked some of the event’s male speakers to record themselves discussing what International Women’s Day meant to them which we edited into a neat 3-minute video.

When we published the video, the reaction was incredible. The overwhelming feedback we received was that people liked the inclusionary aspect of it and it became an integral part of the campaign’s overall success.

Example #2: Social platforms
The Element of Surprise
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