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Already one of our main sources of news, social media is fast becoming the preferred way to shop too, with platforms like Instagram and Facebook pouring money into their ecommerce functions to capture the attention of online shoppers at the height of the lockdown.

Not only were more people ‘social shopping’ during this period, but they were also spending more time on social platforms, while user numbers surged: 1.3 million new users joining social platforms each day in 2020 (Hootsuite)

…If social media wasn’t a focus for brands at the start of 2020, it became one towards the end.

Did you know?!…39% of consumers will only trust a brand if they have interacted with them on social media (Edelman)

So, you can clearly see why it pays to have a social presence. Brand recognition and reputation, consumer engagement and sales are just some of the perks.

Now, I hear you ask, how is it done?

Well, there is skill in social strategy. It isn’t as simple as posting once every so often and hoping for results (even if we’d like it to be!) First you must identify and familiarise yourself with your demographics: who do you want to see returning to your page?

Next you need a range of quality content – shared at the right time – that will attract and retain them (engagement is king). Rather than follow a set structure, you must be responsive to what works and what doesn’t, adapting accordingly.

And we’re not done there…your strategy will need to factor in some complementary elements too, including ongoing interaction with your page followers, page sharing and routine data analysis (to mention a few) and you’ll begin to see results.

If done well, the impact can be incredible. If done badly, you run the risk of harming your brand. That being said, social media can be a great source of creativity when it comes to marketing. You can afford to be a little bit eccentric, odd, or experimental…if anything, it’s welcomed.

So, run wild with your content, be creative with your imagery and keep one finger on the pulse of your brand to ensure you don’t stray too far from your message.

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