Earned media: attracting leads with podcast guest spots
Earned media: attracting leads with podcast guest spots
Earned Media
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Medical doctor, Gestalt psychotherapist, TRE trainer, trauma specialist, author and Founder of Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) – a tool that works to free you from past trauma, internal stress and the effects of self-limiting beliefs – Dr Melanie Salmon has committed her life to the exploration and practice of healing.

When we started working with Melanie and the QEC team, our intention was to inform more people of the healing power of QEC.

Following early success, QEC had already established a global following, inspiring Melanie to offer training in the methodology and to build a team of practitioners who today, use QEC to heal thousands all around the world. As the founder and spokesperson of the modality, we decided to adopt an earned media strategy – predominantly podcasts and contributing articles – that would share the brand’s effectiveness to a wider audience.

Securing several podcast guest spots of note, including The Unmistakable Creative and Low Tox Life, with combined past guests including Tim Ferriss, Simon Sinek, Dr Bruce Lipton and Gabor Mate, Melanie’s latest podcast guest spot was on The Trauma Therapist Project.

The Trauma Therapist Project

Recently, Dr Salmon sat down with Guy Macpherson, host of The Trauma Therapist Project podcast, for an in-depth discussion on treating trauma:

Listen here

Past podcast guests of The Trauma Therapist Project include Gabor Maté and Dr Dan Siegel

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